Tree Pruning to Lift and Shape

Trees, like any other living thing, benefit from a little bit of care and maintenance. One of the ways to bring out the best looking tree is by lifting and shaping it. But when and why should pruning be done? Today we’re going to talk about how lifting and shaping will bring out the natural beauty of the tree and encourage healthy growth.


When we talk about lifting a tree, we’re talking about pruning the lower branches of a tree, the ones closest to the ground, to allow for clearance. Some shrubs can be made into trees by the process of lifting them.


Trees are safer when their lower branches have been lifted because they are less likely to be scraped by cars and other things passing beneath. Anyone who has ever gotten hit in the face by a tree branch while riding a bicycle can attest that lifting for clearance is a great practice. By raising them deliberately, we can prevent these problems from ever occurring and avoid damage to the tree.

Lifting stops other problems, as well. Lifted branches prevent easy access, which means vermin can no longer climb onto low hanging tree branches. Roof rats, snakes, and other undesirables have to make a much bigger effort to access the tree and fruit.


Shaping is the process of cutting a tree to a general shape irrespective of lifting. Shaping should occur when a tree is ugly, too big, or has the potential to cause danger irrespective of lifting.

Examples of shaping are the removal of scraggly branches, cutting back a tree to contain its size, removing suckers, waterspouts, and crossing branches. Avoid these potential problems before they become more significant by having branches cut back.

If tree branches are infringing on a building or electrical wires, shaping will prevent the danger before it occurs. Waiting until after a tree branch is already hitting a building or electrical wires create a much more significant threat.


Pruning can take place later in the spring if the tree isn’t a summer bloomer, or if the homeowner doesn’t want summer blooms.

Deciduous trees should be shaped in winter when their leaves have fallen, and they’re dormant. It’s easy to see the shape of the tree at that time. Evergreens can be pruned anytime.

We hope this has given you some information on lifting and shaping pruning practices and how they will benefit your trees. If you have questions about timing or the benefits of tree lifting and shaping, give us a call.

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