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A dead tree is more than an eyesore — it can also attract pests and pose a threat to your family and your property. Whatever the reason, it's probably time for that dead tree to come down once and for all.

When dead trees are left standing for too long, they can begin to decompose, leaving them with extremely weak structures that are susceptible to breaks and falls, especially during strong summer storms. A dead tree's falling branches (or snapping trunk) can cause extensive and costly damage to your home or your neighbor's home.  

Just in case you aren't yet convinced to let that dead tree go, here's one more reason: Dead trees are attractive homes for termites and mice— two pests you want nowhere near your home. 


Tree Removal Process

Tree removal is not one of those things you can just take upon yourself. It's too easy to get hurt or to damage your own property or your neighbor's home. Also, chaining a tree to your car is never a good idea, since you will probably just end up damaging the vehicle.

To ensure your tree is removed properly and safely, call us at Chuck’s Tree Service. We’d be happy to provide a free estimate!


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Removal is recommended when the tree:

  • Is dead or dying.

  • Is considered irreparably hazardous.

  • Is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning.

  • Is crowding and causing harm to other trees.

  • Has root problems.

  • Is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen.

  • Should be removed to allow for new construction.