Pruning for Spring

Spring is upon us, which means many plants are going into a period of high growth, flowering, or both. Suddenly, a landscape can look like a jungle! Before that happens, a home or business owner may consider having their trees trimmed or pruned. While running a home or business, it’s easy to forget some of the infrequent landscaping chores, but tree pruning can make a property look exceptionally sharp. Here are some of the things an annual pruning can do for your property:

Pruning back for light

Dense tree growth can obstruct the light by growing over windows and focal points in the landscape. By pruning back dense growth, a property will look brighter and more inviting. The light will enter windows more readily, increasing the ambiance within.

Shaping trees

Straggly trees look less appealing. Which is quite understandable from our perspective, because we know how fast a healthy tree can grow. Overgrowth can happen in just a few months, which is why having a professional tree service can make it easy to get them looking tidy again. Freshly pruned or trimmed trees are an attractive addition to the landscape, and inspire confidence and pride in the property.

For building safety

In the interest of quick results, sometimes trees can be planted too close to a house or building. It may not affect the structure for many years. Eventually, though, a closely planted tree or its branches can become a danger to the building. A tree professional can assess the situation to determine if there is a potential for risk, and provide the best and safest solution.


Lifting trees involves pruning or trimming the bottom branches. It creates a safe environment for visitors, as it removes drooping branches from walkways, parking lots, entryways and other places where vehicles or passersby are likely to tangle with or bump into low-hanging branches. Regular pruning also prevents trees from being damaged in the event they are struck by a high-profile truck or waste management vehicle.

For tree health

Trees are safer and healthier if they are pruned regularly, too. Low hanging trees are more inviting to pests, making the tree likely to become residents for vermin and insects. Heavy branches can break in high winds, potentially destroying the tree and creating a flying or falling hazard. Crossing or broken branches can leave open wounds where pathogens can more readily enter and bring diseases. Pruning will raise the tree, neatly trim breaks, and make vermin and diseases less likely.

If it’s been a while since the last tree service or if there are low-hanging branches or other hazards, give us a call. We will send an expert crew to assess and make your trees look great. Freshly pruned and shaped trees can make any home or business attractive and appealing.

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