What is Crown Thinning?

At some point, your arborist may recommend what we call crown thinning for your hardwood tree. You may not be familiar with the term, except a few of us males who may be experiencing a little crown thinning of our own as a result of male baldness pattern.

But, for a tree, crown thinning is the removal of select branches to thin out the fullness of the tree. Here are some of the reasons we may recommend crown thinning



Crown thinning is an excellent way to control the shape of a tree. We can remove branches which are too close to others, those which have a V-shaped angle from the base instead of a good U-shape. We can also remove branches which don’t have good structure strength, crossing branches which may rub an otherwise strong branch,

Let in the light

A hardwood tree can get mighty bushy over time, especially one with strong, healthy growth. But it can get crowded, too. When leaves, stems, and branches start to compete for one another for light and nutrients, some of the branches need to be removed.

Once the remaining branches have a chance to grow without being overcrowded, they are healthier, and the whole tree will benefit from strong growth.

Protection from wind

When an overgrown tree is hit by a hard wind, instead of blowing through the branches, the wind can knock the whole tree over. The opportunity to right it and have the tree live is very low, and worse when the tree is large or well-established. Also, a large tree can do an enormous amount of damage to the grounds and nearby structures.

Remove damage

An overgrown tree can become a refuge for insects and disease. Crown thinning gives us an opportunity to cut out branches which have evidence of insect or disease damage. We will also cut out the deadwood, and damaged branches injured as the result of drooping into oncoming traffic or other situations.

High production

Production of flowers and fruit will be higher on a tree following crown thinning, because of the combination of benefits which include more light and fewer competing branches. Although the quantity of fruit may be lower, the size and quality of the fruit will be higher.

While the cost of crown thinning is higher than simple trimming, the results are hugely beneficial to the tree’s health and appearance. After crown thinning, the tree will remain in a healthy, stable condition for years, with only the need for light pruning in most cases.

The impact of a healthy tree both on the microclimate and the curb appeal of a property with a tree is immeasurable. Tree ownership is a kind of trust between nature and the property owner, whereby each offers something of value to the other. By having a professional crown thinning, a homeowner can expect to enjoy decades of the benefits a hardwood tree will bring to a property.

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