Summer Tree Management

Summer is upon us, and keeping an eye on trees once in a while will make sure they have a happy summer and don’t suffer from damage or cause a hazardous situation. Since summer is the active growing season for trees, they are likely to be at their most hardy. Here are some things a homeowner can do to keep the trees in their landscape healthy and happy this summer:



Watering trees can be necessary for a few different circumstances. One, if the tree is a new transplant, is a high-end water user, or in the event conditions are dry. Irrigation can be a wise tool, since trees which become stressed early in the summer season can lose a chunk of the growing season due to that stress. Mature trees don’t generally need irrigation until they grow older, are fruit trees, or present some other mitigating factor.

Overwatering can kill a tree just like underwatering, so go easy on watering new transplants if we get rain. For the first month, daily watering may be necessary. Two or three times a week is plenty for the second month and then once a week after that until it’s established. Remember: it’s better to water less often and more deeply. Deep watering will make roots grow deep, whereas shallow watering will keep roots shallow.

Plant palm trees

Summer gives palm trees time to establish their root system and grow for a long time before the colder season slows them down. New transplants do need water, but trees should be watered more deeply and infrequently than their shrub counterparts, as explained above.

Insect control

Watch regularly for signs of insect problems. Treating insects before the point when it becomes an infestation makes a bug problem more manageable. Most bugs aren’t a problem for trees, for example, Jadera bugs and lubber grasshoppers. But, if you have Ips pine engraver beetles, turpentine beetles, or palmetto weevils, that can cause severe damage: consult your arborist.

Pruning and removal

Summer pruning should be minimal and judicious. Most pruning should be limited to broken, diseased, or dead branches and obvious hazards. However, if a tree has died, don’t wait to have a tree specialist remove it. We explore the reasons for prompt removal in this blog.

If you have any questions about your summer tree management or need tree removal or pruning, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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